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 Scouting for a permanent MvP party

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PostSubject: Scouting for a permanent MvP party   Mon Jan 18, 2010 9:40 pm

Dear ro players, I am looking for a stable MvP-ing party to join daily in order to hunt down rare items that fits for the whole MvP-ing party. There are currently 4 MvPs that are in my mind for hunting trip rite now which are known as The Fallen Bishop, Valkyrie, Great Demon Baphomet, and lastly Baphomet. Is there any party out there that requires a new member to join for a little contribution out there? There are 3 classes that I am able to use for MvPing purposes. These characters include:

Paladin Level 98/65
Stats: 99 vit, 85 str, 50 dex, others 1
Specialties in Skills: Devotion

Bard Level 99/50
Stats: 90 dex, 90 agi, 52 int, 4 vit, others 1
Specialties in Skills: Poem of Bragi

Priest Level 91/50
Stats: int 99, vit 85, dex 30
Specialties in Skills: Sanctuary, Increase AGI, Blessing, Heal, Warp Portal

If there is any MvPing party that requires my class, do pm me here in forum or contact me via hp:014-3115738. Thank you.
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Scouting for a permanent MvP party
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