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 Amatsu Dungeon Quest

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PostSubject: Amatsu Dungeon Quest   Mon Dec 14, 2009 10:02 pm

Amatsu Dungeon Quest

Going inside Amatsu Dungeon requires you a Lord Pass Ticket, which you could obtain from doing this Ragnarok quest. Plus, having the ticket gives you the chance to meet and defeat the Incantation Samurai MVP. Besides, you might be lucky enough to get his godly card drop.

Item requirement: None

Quest Reward: Lord Pass Ticket - An authorized ticket which allows its owner to enter a prohibited area

How to go to Amatsu?

1. Talk to the Sea Captain at one of the ports in Alberta. He’ll warp you to Amatsu for 10,000 Zeny.

Ragnarok Amatsu Dungeon Quest

1. Talk to the Gate Soldier (amatsu 172, 174) outside a house in the Amatsu town.They’ll tell you that the woman inside is sick.

2. Go inside and talk to the ill Grandma (ama_in01 22,110). After talking to her, she’ll warp you outside the house.

3. Go to the Amatsu castle and talk to the Lord of the Palace (ama_in02 201, 176). He’s at the top floor. Tell him that you could cure his sick mother.

4. Talk to a kid Kouji (amatsu 188,164) near Grandma’s house. He’ll mention about a fox chasing him.

5. Go to the Amatsu field, north of the Amatsu town. Enter a house(ama_fild01 176, 327) at the northern part of it.

6. Inside, talk to the Fox Mask (ama_in01 180, 175) man. He’ll tell you on how to scare the fox off who’s making the Grandma sick.

7. Go back to grandma’s house and cure her. You’ll obtain nine tails from scaring the fox off.

8. After you cure Grandma, go back to the Lord of the Palace. He will reward you with a Lord Pass Ticket for curing his mother. YOu can now access the Ragnarok dungeon.

Entrance to the Amatsu Dungeon.

At the top floor, you’ll find a Soldier(ama_in02 115, 178) guarding the entrance. Make sure that the Lord Pass ticket is in your inventory, tell him to open the gate.

Ragnarok Amatsu Dungeon Map

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Amatsu Dungeon Quest
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