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 Mosk Dungeon Quest

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PostSubject: Mosk Dungeon Quest   Mosk Dungeon Quest I_icon_minitimeSat Dec 12, 2009 8:45 pm

Items Required:
10 Mystery Iron Bit =Zipper Bear
10 Screw= Metaling
5 Tube=Metaling
10 Jubilee=Metaling
30 Log=Wood Goblin
20 Goat Horn= Goat or Nifheim NPC sold
20 Tough Vines= Dryad
10 Sea Otter Leather= Sea Otter

Time Limit= 7am-8pm ONLY

1. Talk to NPC Berbayeff (mosk_in 131 92).

2. Talk to Mr. Ibanoff (moscovia 135 49) and listen to his stories. Then, choose the option "Lend your ship".

3. Player will have to gather 10 Mystery Iron Bit , 10 Screw, 5 Tube and 10 Jubilee for Mr. Ibanoff to maintance the ship.
-Note: The time available is from 7am - 8pm

4. Player will have to control the streering wheel of the ship depends on Mr. Ibanoff command. Monsters might appear and player will have to kill them all to keep the ship running. (Hide skill with smokie accessory for 5 minutes is an alternative way)

5. After player reached that island, talk to Strange Aged (mosk_fild01 86 104). He will send you back to Moscovia.

6. Talk to Mr. Ibanoff again.

7. Talk to the Prime Minister Dmitree first at mosk_in 128 89 and then talk to Czar(mosk_in 131 92).

8. Go back to Mr. Ibanoff and sail to the Whale Island again.

9. Look for the Strange Aged, and he will make you a Gusli.

10. Go back to Moscovia and collect the materials, which are 30 Log, 20 Tough Vines, 20 Goat's Horn, 10 Sea Otter Leather.

11. After all materials are gathered, talk to Mr. Ibanoff and he will send you to the Whale Island directly. Look for the Strange Aged, and he will make you the Gusli.
-Note: Player may choose to learn to play to Gusli or not from the Strange Aged.

12. Go back and talk to Czar. Player may choose from 3 options, which are to play the Gusli without learning it, to play the Gusli after learning it, and not to play the Gusli at all.

13. Quest completed, and player will receive rewards.
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Mosk Dungeon Quest
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